Communications Training


No matter what category your group falls into, Mark has a program that can be tailored to your publicity needs. Because it's more effective for people to learn from real-world examples from their specific industries, Mark maintains an extensive file of media clips that cover virtually every profession. That means businesses go to school on other businesses, legal groups get law examples, educators learn from the successes and failures of other teachers, etc.

Conference Training/Speaking

Mark's specialty is his core "Media Rules" training that is offered in half-day, full-day and two-day sessions. He also delivers breakout workshops in 60-minute to two-hour time frames. Below is a sampling of topics covered in Mark's presentations:

  • The reporter would call, if she knew your number
  • Why you've been overlooking the most powerful marketing on the planet
  • You'll sound brilliant—even if you're not
  • So that's how an interview is supposed to be done
  • How could good press be this easy?
  • "Stab me in the chest, Mr. Reporter," you said, without knowing it
  • The 5 media mistakes everybody makes
  • Warning: Your "press savvy" is your worst enemy
  • Reporter judo—How to turn the Beast's weaknesses to your advantage
  • Why reporters eat government folks for breakfast—and how to stop it
  • Learn optometry—because every editor is near-sighted


No matter how practical and user-friendly the material, it's always comforting to have the master hold your hand—at least in the beginning. Mark does not run a public relations company. He will not take on your publicity projects by himself. What he will do is stand alongside your group and help your team locate and execute publicity opportunities. Mark will guide you through sticky situations. He will teach you a simple method for crafting soundbites and quotes that reporters can't resist. While other PR professionals and media experts like to make you dependent on their skills, Mark does just the opposite. After a short time with Mark you won't need him—or any other "media guru."

Speech Training

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to reach an audience through the media or from behind a podium; the core communication skills are the same. In Mark's speech training sessions he shows his clients how to deal with the irrational fear of public speaking by following a small number of rules. Once the public speaking is simplified to a Practical, Memorable, and Doable system, clients find a pool of confidence that they never knew existed. In his many years of service, Mark has worked with CEOs, state and federal politicians, officials from various organizations, and athletes currently in the NBA, NFL, and LPGA.