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Mark Mathis is that rare speaker who leads you to the obvious and then shows you powerful truth that you somehow overlooked. When he speaks, you find yourself in the midst of an amazing treasure hunt—inside your own brain. Mathis demonstrates that most of what you need to understand about attracting great publicity, delivering excellent quotes, or managing a media crisis you already know. You just have to learn to put it to work in a systematic way to attack any publicity project or problem. Mark challenges your intellect, but does it in a fun and lively setting. One minute you're engaged in high-level thinking and the next you're laughing at your own naïve assumptions. His ideas, philosophies, and communication skills will make you think about familiar concepts in a new way. With Mark's method you'll actually increase your media knowledge while decreasing mental clutter. It's a liberating experience.


In May, 2002 Mark published "Feeding the Media Beast: An Easy Recipe for Great Publicity." The book was very well received, winning positive reviews from newspapers, library/bookstore magazines, PR trade publications, and readers who submit reviews to and The review that launched the book into the national and international arena came in The Wall Street Journal on August 2, 2002. It was a large review with an accompanying illustration. Feeding the Media Beast, published by Purdue University Press, is now in its third printing. It's also published by Jaico Press in India, FAIR-Press in Russia, and Guangdong Economy Press in mainland China. Mathis Media has not yet received a copy of the Chinese Edition.

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