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"Mr. Mathis is spot-on... There are valuable nuggets in Feeding the Media Beast."

The Wall Street Journal

"Witty... ironic... hilarious... very smart... and useful. This book should be on the reading list for anyone interested in improving their communication skills."

ForeWord Magazine


"Twelve rules you can consistently rely upon... PR veterans and rookies alike will find this is a fun read that provides the fundamentals of getting good publicity."

PR Week


“A snappy read. Mathis’ examples are right-up-to-the-minute, therefore easy to digest and apply to your own media challenges.”

O’Dwyer’s PR Daily


“A very highly recommended must read… a straightforward and user-friendly guide to getting good press in good quantities."

Midwest Book Review

"Mathis has written a book so lucid it's almost irritating.

The Alibi

After many years of conference attendees asking for more of what Mark teaches, he decided to put it all down on paper. Feeding the Media Beast uses the same Practical, Memorable, and Doable structure as Mark's programs. Each chapter contains dozens of real-world examples that illustrate his simple concepts. National experts in marketing and media have praised the book as a must-read for anyone who deals with the press (or wants to). Media analysts applaud its candor, readability, and clarity.

Jack Trout, considered to be the greatest marketing mind of our time, calls Feeding the Media Beast "the best book on PR I've ever read." Trout is an author of eight of the world's best-selling marketing books, among them Positioning; Big Brands, Big Trouble; and the book widely know as "the marketing bible"—The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Trout describes Mark's book as, "Simple, direct, and loaded with easy to read truths about handling the Media Beast. A must read for staying out of trouble."

Any political player in Washington worth his or her salt is familiar with the work of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center. The MRC is a watchdog group that exposes media bias. Mr. Bozell, who is a frequent newsmaker himself, knows how dangerous it can be for the unskilled to feed the beast. "I've seen entire careers made or broken by one appearance on national television. The secret to success in public policy is not just publicity but effective publicity. You can spend $100,000 hiring consultants to teach this to you. Or you can read Mark Mathis's Feeding the Media Beast."

Author and nationally syndicated columnist Dale Dauten says, "This book embodies what Mathis teaches: it's lively, fast, useful, and personal. As someone on the receiving end of many publicity efforts, I wish that anyone contacting me would read Mark's book first."

Former Capitol Hill correspondent and longtime Dallas news anchor John Criswell speaks of the book's practical and powerful application. "In my 38 years as an anchor, reporter and manager, I have never read anything that literally takes readers by the hand, and walks them successfully through the rules of the powerful marketing forces of television—that is, until Feeding the Media Beast."


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