The Mathis Story


For more than two decades Mark Mathis has studied the media, been the media, and seduced the media. Through it all he discovered something amazing: The massive amount of press knowledge he acquired over the years led him back to a few simple truths that can turn anyone into a media master.

It's not the depth of Mark's media experience that makes his training so powerful. Nor is it the tremendous success he has had in consulting with Fortune 500 companies, government officials, and professional athletes. Ironically, all his years of being a member of the press and a media consultant proved to be as much an obstacle as an asset as he focused his energies on becoming a media trainer. That's because his vast knowledge and experience allowed him to approach any media problem or opportunity with an uncanny, intuitive understanding of what needed to be done. As Mark quickly discovered, there is no way to teach experience and intuition. That realization prompted him to approach the subject from an entirely new direction—one based on a straightforward, systematic process.

By analyzing the behavior of journalists, Mark pinpointed consistent handicaps and motivations across all media. From there he identified a set of rules that anyone can follow in the quest for more and better media exposure. The power of Mark's training is not based on a mountain of information that you must climb, but in a manageable method that bypasses confusing misconceptions and unnecessary minutiae.