Any good speaker can—and should—fire up an audience. However, the true test of a speaker's value cannot be measured only by applause, but also by what those who attend do with what they learn. Hear what people say about Mark's programs after they've heard him speak and after they've put his training to the test.

"Mark Mathis did an excellent job helping the NFL team public relations directors better understand the dynamics of publicity. Mark expertly tailored his presentation to our group and effectively challenged our people to seize new opportunities by using his 'Media Rules' system. The comments on Mark's session were extremely positive and we hope to work with him again."

Greg Aiello, Vice President Public Relations, National Football League


"It was an incredible success! Mark's presentatin was engaging, exciting, informative, and invaluable. If you are a public relations practitioner, or you manage one, this presentation will give you clear and concise rules to get better media coverage."

John Mims, President-elect, TarHeel Chapter PRSA


"I've been using Mark's Media Rules for years and the results speak for themselves—excellent coverage in major newspapers, magazines, television news, and the Internet. Now reporters call me because they know I will give them what they need when they need it. I owe all our success to following the Media Rules."
Steve McKee, President, McKee/Wallwork/Henderson advertising

"We offered Mark Mathis's media training course for the first time in 2001 and our members loved it! Their only complaint was that they wanted more. So we're bringing him back this year and feel confident the rave reviews will follow!"
Ghita Levine, Director of Communications, American Anthropological Association

"The Media Training Rules that Mark teaches simplify a very difficult topic and prepare everyone, including professional athletes, to confidently interact with the media."
Mark Freeland, NB3 Inc., Professional Athlete Agent

"Before the Media Rules, I was constantly being eaten by the Beast, then raging about being misquoted and treated shabbily. Now that the Rules have become second nature to me, the Beast is my friend and helps to get the message out my way."
David Campbell, Vogel, Campbell, Blueher, & Castle P.C.

"Mark's program is very well done. His systematic approach is easy to learn, apply, and remember."
Barbara Little, U.S. Dept. of the Interior

"Mark's Media Rules system is excellent. The role-playing exercise is an eye-opener. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to deal with the press."
Don Power, CEO, Jaynes Corporation

"Mark is a rare talent, very knowledgeable, experienced, engaging and charming. I wish I had taken his course years ago."
Vic Chavez, CEO Chavez, Grieves Consulting Engineering

"The interactivity of the training and the mock interviews are terrific."
Monica Schoch-Spana, Center for Civilian Bio-Warfare

"Mark's inside track will help steer our company's new project to the right people through the press. Great job, Mark!"
Luciano Maes, Marketing Manager, Summit Electric

"As I was about to climb Mt. Everest I actually feared the media more than the mountain. But Mark's expert training enabled me to confidently work with reporters in getting my message out. I couldn't be more pleased with the coverage I got in People magazine, on TV, radio, the Internet, and in many major newspapers."
Kim Gattone, Mountaineer

"Mark Mathis clearly shows you that the media is not your enemy, but a misunderstood beast that can be tamed."
Terri Stewart, CAO, TriCore Reference Laboratories

"Mark Mathis cuts to the heart of the Media Beast with astonishing clarity, speed, and power."
Dawn Chatty, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University

"Mark's Media Rules conference was "right on track" for Santa Fe Southern Railway and I can't wait to share some of the principles with my coworkers and our board. Thanks for a whole new understanding of how to effectively work with the media."
Carol Raymond, Marketing Director Santa Fe Southern Railway

"Mark is the voice of experience who helps you deal with reporters on their terms, but to your advantage."
Ed Liebow, Environmental Health & Social Policy Center

"Mark's phenomenal creative abilities poised with his extensive knowledge of the field make him an unbeatable expert and tops in my book."
Zizi Terrasas, Regional Manager, Loewen Group

"Getting a feature story on the number one rated TV station in town and now landing on the front page of the paper (Sunday edition in color!) has got my superiors convinced that your program is very powerful."
Kevin Chadwell, Marketing Specialist, Presbyterian Healthcare

"Mark's training gave me a roadmap to publicity success. Before his conference I didn't have a clue that there even was a road, let alone how to get on it."
Mary Golden, CEO, Workspace Dynamics

"Fast paced, thought provoking, highly practical, and fun."
Marta Rohatynskyj, Ph.D. University of Guelph, Ontario Canada

"I always knew the media was a "beast" and I was frightened of it. But then I had the good fortune of going through Mark's training and the results have been phenomenal. We're getting the best press we've ever gotten and our messages are sticking."
Terry Huertaz, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

"Mark is so dynamic and motivating! My attention didn't flag at all. Mark superbly fielded resistant comments from this press-leery audience."
Kathryn Oths, Ph.D., University of Alabama

"In the months since I learned the Media Rules I have scored several positive publicity hits. The big one came last week, a large, color photo on the front page! That publicity hit alone is doing wonders for my political career. All I can say is, the Media Rules work, they REALLY work!
Joe Mohorovic, State Legislator

"Anyone who wants to reach a mass audience needs to know this stuff. Mark's program is comprehensive, clear, and inspiring."
Hendrick Serrie, International Business Expert

"This is the best media course I have attended in 22 years of PR work! Great job, Mark!!"
Nelson Miller, New Mexico Military Institute

"I came expecting a graham cracker of a workshop and got the hot fudge brownie sundae of media understanding."
Carol Owensby, Educator

"Mark is a dynamic speaker with a dynamite program who instantly connects with his audience."
Kathy McGee, Century Bank

"I am extremely impressed with Mark Mathis. His course is fascinating, highly useful and lots of fun."
Karyn Scott, Public Affairs Director, Philips Laboratories

"Great stuff! Mark "structuralized my intuition.""
Jerry Pacheco, Santa Teresa Real Estate Development

"Practical, focused, incredibly enlightening, and very helpful."
Jack Brant, Rodey Law Firm

"Mark brings the seemingly secret world of the media into complete focus. His presentation style is so engaging and approachable."
Lisa Stephenson, Lovelace Health Systems

"I now know that I have been driving blind. The Media Rules are an epiphany."
George Marquez, Public Relations Specialist